If the compensation package is commission only:

If a company tells us the estimated seat/job value of a role we will take 20% flat fee of the compensation package of that role for the project. If you do not have an estimated value of the job, we charge a minimum of $750 flat fee/week of project (based on estimated job value of $200k+).

If the compensation package to the member is base-only, then we charge:
  • 15% flat fee for temporary projects 
  • 20% of first year comp for full-time roles
If it is a trial-based sales role that includes both comp & base, then we do a combination of the estimated seat value:
  • Minimum of $750 flat fee plus 15% of base compensation. 
  • And if it turns into a full time sales role, we will charge a 20% flat fee of the first year estimated compensation package.
NOTE: The member will include the agree upon rate & scope of the project payment in the SOW.