Thank you for reaching out about your difficulty logging into the platform.  We recently redesigned our website to make the user experience that much better for you! Not only is there an updated look and feel, but we added lots of improvements to make it a smoother and easier experience to find, match, book and manage your work through The Second Shift. 

To get started with this new version of the platform, you must:

Reset Your Password

In order to protect your privacy, we did not transfer your password with the rest of your personal data. 

Use the same email address you have always used for your account with The Second Shift.

Update Your Profile

We made major improvements to your profile! 

  1. Add your LinkedIn profile, resume and website.

No more forgetting to send these to the companies you pitch! Now hiring managers can view your resume and link to your LinkedIn profiles directly from your profile.

  1. Check your skills

We added more skills to improve your matches and to reflect the projects companies are posting. Make sure yours are up to date!

  1. Add your school and work history

We updated our list of schools, so check an make sure yours are entered properly. We also added work history--just insert the company, your title, and the number of years you worked there--you can include as many workplaces as you like!

Let us know what you think!

This is only the beginning. We plan to continue to improve your experience with The Second Shift, and we’d love to hear from you. If you have questions or comments about the new system, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you to everyone who helped us to create this new platform-- we truly love our member community and thank you for being a member of The Second Shift!