You must send us your invoice by uploading it in the Invoices tab of your account:

Once we have your invoice in our system and it is processed, you will be invited by us to sign up for (which is free!) and you will be paid via direct deposit.

If you do not "accept" the invitation, you will not be paid electronically. Instead, you will receive a check directly to your address that you had included in your invoice.

In terms of timing for payment, PLEASE NOTE:

  • Invoices should be submitted 1x/month.  

  • We pay bills on the 1st & 15th of each month AFTER we are paid by the employer.

  • Clients pay on different payment terms but 15-30 days is typical. We do have some that take as long as 90-120 days or even pay only 1x/month however, so if you have any specific questions you can email