1. You can send us your invoice by uploading it in the Invoices tab of your account. We then will forward the invoice to the Company along with our 15% fee. Invoices should be submitted 1x/month.  
  2. Once we receive payment from the company, we issue payment to the member less our 5% fee. The status will be updated on your invoices tab in your account. We do not pay members until we receive payment from the company.
  3. Members and companies agree to the timing and frequency of invoices, and The Second Shift works within those parameters.  We pay bills on the 1st and 15th of the month after funds are received from the client.


  1. If you would like to get paid via direct deposit, please sign up here for Bill.com.  Once you have signed up,  be sure you connect with The Second Shift via the bill.com network portal.
  2. Clients pay on different payment terms but 15-30 days is typical.
  3. Invoices are typically processed by The Second Shift on Wednesday.
  4. Companies who hire members for full-time roles are charged 20% of the annual salary and the member will not have to work through the typical billing process.
  5. Any questions, you can email The Second Shift at billing@thesecondshift.com.

Upload your invoice in the Invoices tab of your account: